Rev. Wil Ranney

Rev. Wil Ranney

Digital Minister

Wil is an Ordained Deacon in the United Methodist Church who specializes in technology ministry. He helps churches, pastors, and social entrepreneurs to leverage the Holy Spirit through techniques pioneered by internet startups.

Some of Wil’s Projects:

Aboundant is Wil’s “startup ministry”. Currently Aboundant has an amazing platform for church websites and has an agency side that tackles large websites for church organizations and non-profits. At any time around 6-10 people work with Wil on Aboundant.

Darkwood Brew
Darkwood Brew was a revolutionary online worship service that pivoted into providing awesome video materials for small group ministries. Darkwood Brew is under the direction of Rev. Dr. Eric Elnes. Wil serves as their Web Master and technological adviser. We started a podcast in September of 2017 called, Converging Paths, check it out.

Digital Ministry at Wartburg College
Wartburg College will be Offering it’s first class in “Digital Ministry” in the Winter of 2017, which is being developed Wil and Rev. Brian Beckstrom, the campus minister at Wartburg College. The class will be taught by Wil. In the future we hope to expand it to a degree program. We just recently opended up the class to ministry leaders outside of Wartburg. learn more


Wil has three degrees, a B.S. in Business Administration from Bowling Green State University, a B.S. in Information Technology from DeVry College with a Specialization in Web Development, and Master’s of Christian Education from Methodist Theological School of Ohio. In seminary, Wil took every opportunity to study and research “online theology.” Wil has worked in Camp Ministry, Campus Ministry, Youth Ministry, and Discipleship Ministry, for a variety of churches.

Startup Church

Wil’s current passion revolves in teaching churches how to adapt to the fast changing pace of culture in a digital world. Internet Startups and Entrepreneurs have figured out how to tap into God’s Divine economy of abundance while church organizations have seem to buy into the capitalistic idea of scarcity. Churches can learn from the ways God works through technology.

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