Challenging the Status Quo for Church Websites

Several years ago I made it my mission to help churches leverage technology for ministry. I understood that technology would fundamentally change the way we do church and that we were ill equipped to handle the challenge. I’ve done my best to venture into new theological realms, to teach, and to be prophetic.

During this time, I’ve been drawn into the culture of internet start-ups because of their ability to transform the world. From twitter to kiva, I’ve seen miracles, and more importantly, I’ve seen God at work. God is doing “a new thing”, and by and large, it’s not happening through God’s church.

This is why I’ve created Aboundant.

The name is an amalgamation of God’s abundant love, unbound. It’s a rebuke of a world focused on scarcity.

Aboundant’s first task is going to be to revolutionize church websites. To identify the pains that your average church experiences with online ministry, and create innovative solutions to overcome them.

Here are some of the pains we are currently focused on in no particular order:

  • A declining Church that fails to reach young adults.
  • A tightening budget that has no room for web ministry.
  • A dearth of technological literacy in the church.
  • A lack of time to create and maintain a web ministry.

By the end of the summer we hope to have a Beta product that churches can register for. If you’d like to stay informed about the work of Aboundant, please go to and register for our mailing list.







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