I wouldn’t have given this advice two months ago, but Google recently dropped their storage prices, but an extreme amount. Here’s the new pricing schedule:

Google Drive Storage Plans

One terabyte can hold over 20,000 sermon Mp3’s. Only churches that store large amounts of video would need the 10 TB package at which point it would likely be worth it. Compare this to the price of purchasing and maintaining a church sever. Church server’s should have a life of 3 to 5 years and cost about $700 –  $1000. Compare that to the 1 TB plan. Even the cheapest, long lived server with no maintenance issues would cost about $2 more a month.

But there’s more. Google drive is maintenance free and comes with all the software you would need, which is managed, updated, and supported by google. In addition, Drive has all the sharing and security features you would need to mimic the functionality of a physical server.

Finally, you can use Drive’s API to send your computer and website backups there with a wide array of software choices.



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