The Big Facebook Change Nobody’s Talking About

While I was off gallivanting in the Blue Mountains at The Wild Goose Festival, facebook made a major change, one that took me over a month to discover. I’ve been plugged in to all of my usual social media channels and there has been very little chatter about it, even though it will effect every church facebook page.

My first clue that something had changed was the I saw a dramatic decrease in reach on the Darkwood Brew Facebook page, like cut-in-half dramatic. I attributed this to the fact that we were running a “Best Of” series and that we were focused on Wild Goose. When it didn’t let down I started to worry.

It turns that facebook completely replaced their edgerank system with their edgerank algorithm. Edgerank is what determines whether or not your post will show up in your followers news feeds.

The old system was easy to game and I took full advantage of that. The new system considers 100,000 factors! It is designed to be more organic. This is great news for end users, and for facebook, who made their promoted posts that more more valuable.

It’s bad news for churches who are trying to keep up the changing rules of facebook in order to cut through the clutter and get their message to their fans.

There is a silver lining though, this will put the emphasis back on delivering information that people want. Having a strong message that is stated in a manner that people like to digest will be key.

To learn more about the evolution of Edgerank, check out this article.

There is one more alternative. You can ask your followers to adjust their following settings so that they are assured to get your posts. Feel free to use the image below on your facebook page to do just that. Facebook Follow Card 405

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