In honor of Black Friday I want to take the time to tell everyone about my top 15 favorite consumer possessions. A lot of my purchases are informed by environmental justice or online ministry. Durable items, efficient items, and items that keep me connected to my mission field (the internet) take precedence.

(no particular order)

Gold Toe Cotton Fluffies

– I started wearing these when I sold men’s clothes at Lazarus 20 years ago. I don’t believe I’ve had to throw away a single pair since then.

Sketchers Bowler Shoes

– My Grandmother bought these for me in 2001 when sketchers sold mostly designer shoes. Eleven years later they are just starting to show their age.

Samsung Series 7 Chronos Laptop

– This is my current laptop. I had to buy it as an emergency after I spilt water on my last one. It’s highly unusual for me not to do extensive research before a purchase, but I didn’t have the time. It essentially a Macbook Pro clone with a lesser video card. It has a matt screen which Apple doesn’t offer anymore and I don’t think I could live without. Energy Star Compliant.

iPhone 4G

– What makes me a cyborg now according to Amber Case; constantly connected to information and interaction. What did people do before smart phones? At what point do they become a civil right?

Canon T3i SLR Camera

– A big upgrade from the T2i and an all around good camera for the price with most of the features of Canons entry level professional equivalent. It goes with me everywhere and I take pictures every time I visit a new church.

inCase Laptop Bag

– I got this half off at a CompUSA going out of business sale in 2008. It’s the best designed book bag I’ve ever owned and goes with me everywhere.

Eddie Bower Button Collar Grey Knit Pullover

– I got this at an Eddie Bower salvage sale in 1996 for $4. It looks just like the day got it despite the fact that I wear it all the time in the winter.

Logitech Anywhere MX

– When it says anywhere, it means anywhere. Also, the size and button options are perfect for my smaller hands.

Tom Bihn iPad Bag

– This bag gets used more than the iPad. Tom Bihn has the best bag straps there are though you have to pay extra to get the good ones.

Honda Civic HX 2002

– This was Honda’s first mainstream attempt at a car with a Central Variable Transmission, a feature found in most automatic hybrids today. Because of that and it’s light frame I get near hybrid gas mileage and a smooth ride.

MEElectronics Headphones

– These guys are durable, low profile, and have a great fit and sound. I recently saw a band on tv with all the members wearing them.

Mighty Wallet

– 30% Post Consumer Material. Durable, water resistant, and super thin.

Black and Decker Single Cup Brewer with built-in Filter and Thermos

– Unlike the trendy single cup brewers on the market, this one uses produces no waste and is half the cost per cup with premium coffee.

Dual Car Stereo with iPhone Dock

– Easy way to charge my iPhone and listen to audio books on the road. I wish the display was brighter, but the sound quality is great.

Acer Matte Computer Monitor

– Just like my laptop, this monitor has a matte screen and super slim profile. Energy Star 5.0 Complient.


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