One Laptop Per Child recently dumped a crate of tablet computers in an Ethiopian Village with no instructions. The tablets were loaded with 50 reading apps. Within hours a child had opened a box containing a tablet and was using it. Within weeks children and mothers were well on their way to reading. To me, this proves that there are some things that apps can do better and cheaper than live teachers. They have become more intuitive and fun than any traditional class could allow for on it’s own. ¬†Here’s the video:

This begs the question, why aren’t we developing better apps to teach about Christ and the Bible and Mission?

Why are our publishing houses still focused on print and dvd’s?

Don’t get me wrong, those things will always have a place in our teaching, but in a decade they will be the exception and not the norm. Cokesbury recently decided to refocus their efforts on online sales to the exclusion of their retail stores. To them this is revolutionary; to me, the world has already moved on to interactive publishing.

Imagine a Sunday School room where children are exited to jump onto a tablet to learn about Christ in an engrossing and experiential manner, with a teacher monitoring their progress on their on tablet and interjecting where needed. Imaging a child that is allowed to take that tablet with them and reflect on it on a day other than Sunday. To share it with their friends.

I’m reminded of one of my favorite church Anthems: “Wake up church! Wake up! The Lord is calling you. Wake up church! Wake up! We’ve got Christian work to do”




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