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This blog post originally appeared on the Circuit Writer Blog, published by Timothy Bonney on Saturday, April 12th.

What I’m about to share is not new information.  But I find that not all church professionals kee (read more…)

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A couple years back I attended SXSWi in Austin, TX. This is the conference where tech and internet startup’s try to make a name for themselves. Geek nirvana really. In preparing to go, I checked out all the attendees to see which one’s had religious affiliates. I was pu (read more…)

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Last week I wrote an article about how churches (and other traditional institutions) are loosing social capital to the internet. Just to remind everyone, social capital is all the ways in wh (read more…)


Facebook, the free service that everyone likes to bash. I used to be one of those people that went around saying, “what reason do you have to complain about a free service.” Lately, my opinion has started to turn. Let me explain. In august of last year facebook changed (read more…)


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